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CIW Perl Specialist certification

CIW Perl Specialist certification
The CIW Perl Specialist course teaches developers how to fully use the features of the Perl programming language in Web application development.
About this course

These specialised Web language skills can help you begin or grow a career in advanced Web development and technologies.

Certification The CIW Perl Specialist course prepares candidates to take the CIW Perl Specialist exam, which if passed earns the individual the CIW Perl Specialist certification.

Candidates who also have the CIW JavaScript Specialist certification and the CIW Database Design Specialist certification earn the advanced CIW Web Development Professional certification in addition. Please see the roadmap opposite.
To earn the CIW Perl Specialist certification, you must take and pass the following exam:

- CIW Perl Specialist (please refer to the course description for more details)

Skills taught are:

- Perl language essentials, including syntax, regular expressions and data types
- Perl code development, including accessing and manipulating files
- Web site implementation, including database connectivity and debugging techniques

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will I receive with this course?

In addition to our Official CIW Courseware, available in printed (for an additional cost) or electronic (PDF) format, we also offer a comprehensive set of complementary online resources that improve your CIW learning experience:

CIW Pre-Assessment: Online pre-assessment test that mirrors the number of questions and distribution of skills objectives on the high-stakes CIW Web Foundations Associate certification exam.

The CIW Pre-Assessment helps students determine their existing skill levels and their readiness to take the CIW Web Foundations Associate training courses. It also helps identify knowledge areas in which students need to focus their studies in order to pass the certification exam. The CIW Pre-Assessment allows students to: Practice time management, because the test's time limit mirrors the certification exam's time limit Exit the test at any time (they must start over on their next attempt) Skip a question, flag it for review and return to it later Review all answers before getting the final score See which questions they missed, with correct answers and explanations Repeat the test as many times as needed within the subscription period See their scores in My Progress at the top of the page

CIW Movie Clips: Movie clips provide supplementary instruction in a multimedia format, and enhance the CIW coursebook narrative and labs.

CIW Course Mastery: CIW Course Mastery is an online tool that delivers CIW course review questions. This tool is based on research in learning and memory, and it delivers an accelerated teaching solution that reduces training time and boosts retention of material in the learner's memory to provide 100-percent mastery of all content.

Students can use CIW Course Mastery after each lesson to review the material, and identify the concepts that they understand and those that they still need to learn. For each question, Course Mastery asks students to indicate their level of confidence in their answer. Course Mastery creates an adaptive, personalised learning plan and cycles the student through a process of test-learn-retest until the student achieves mastery of the material.

CIW Online Exrcises: CIW Online Exercises review knowledge of the topics presented in the course and help reinforce learning. The Exercises are presented in a variety of formats including flash cards, matching exercises, true-false questions, crossword puzzles and fill-in-the-blank exercises.

CIW Practice Exams: The CIW Practice Exams consist of a variety of tests designed to assess the students' knowledge of specific skills objectives and help students prepare for the high-stakes certification exam.

What industry would this course help towards?

- Web application developers
- Software developers
- Application programmers
- Client/server developers
- Web architects

Will I gain a qualification?

Yes you will gain a CIW Perl Specialist certification. This qualification has been accredited on the QCF at Level 4 and carries 10 credits. Qualification Number M/502/9013.

Is there any additional costs?

You will be required to arrange and pay for your exams in respect of this qualification. You can select the option to include an exam voucher or alternatively you can purchase this from us at a later date. The cost per an exam is 90.00 plus VAT.

Where is my exam taken?

CIW exams are available worldwide through Pearson VUE and Prometric. CIW exam candidates must complete a registration process with either Pearson VUE or Prometric, schedule an exam appointment, and arrange to pay the exam fee.

Pearson VUE Candidates can register for CIW exams online with Pearson VUE at the CIW exam registration page at www.pearsonvue.com/CIW. Follow the instructions on Pearson VUE's site for details on registering for exams. You may also register in person at any authorised Pearson VUE testing center.

Prometric Candidates can register for CIW exams online with Prometric at www.prometric.com/CIW. Click the Start button to proceed with scheduling an exam and locating a test center.

Both Prometric and VUE require the following information to register you for CIW exams:

- Exam title and code number
- The testing partner name -- "CIW (INTERNET CERTIFICATION)"
- Prometric or VUE ID number
- Complete mailing address and phone number information. The information will be used for mailing your CIW certificate(s), so   please update this with Prometric or Pearson VUE when necessary
- Date and time you want to take the exam
- Method of payment (credit card, check or voucher)

Can I purchase this training course for multiple users?

We can supply all our courses for either single user or multiple users and we have corporate and education portal solutions for multiple users - call us to find out more and obtain a custom quote.

How long is the course?

As an indication the course is approximately 60 study hours and you have 12 months to complete.
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