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At Learn Now we believe in choices and that's why we try to make our courses as flexible as possible.

Some students prefer to study on their PC, having access to their course wherever they are, sending assignments at a touch of a button. Other students would rather have the paper based version of the course in front of them and flick from page to page whilst making notes.

You may also just need additional training to provide your employer with confidence that you are proficient in your job role or be an employer looking for affordable solutions to their training needs.

However you like to study, we've got a solution for you.


Online Version

If you choose to take the online route for studying, you will be sent logins by email which you will use to access your course by computer or laptop.

You will then send all assignments to your Tutor for marking through this system and receive valuable feedback.

This also provides quick and easy access to your Tutor.

Paper based Version

If you think the paper based route is more suitable for you, all course materials will be sent by post or courier and you can send your assignments for marking by post or email.

Please note some courses require that you send assignments by email unless previously agreed.

We don't choose where and when you study, you do.


Our e-learning courses are accessed by a PC in your home or place of work.

Online e-learning is the most effective way of delivering training to a dispersed workforce at a fraction of the cost of conventional training methods.

The advantages of delivering exciting, interactive content to engage learners in an immersive learning process both in and out of the classroom are widely recognised and supported by educational professionals around the globe.


N.B. Not all formats are available for all courses, please check individual course specification for availability.

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